About BCFC

Believers Christian Fellowship Church is a church whose mission is to witness the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a ministry ushered in by the Holy Spirit in March of 2005, as some seventy-nine persons decided to follow and embrace the vision that was given by God to Rev. Dr. William E. Harris, Jr., who was then Pastor of Zion Baptist Church.

After sharing the vision, we established and organized Believers Christian Fellowship Church and decided that we would meet again for prayer, further clarification and direction from the Lord. The body decided that we should begin services soon after April 10. 2005, which was to be my last day as Pastor of Zion Baptist Church. Therefore, the church decided that the first official worship service would be on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 8, 2005.

The community of faith has blessed BCFC and we were able to initially secure the Richard Allen Academy as a worship site. We met there on several occasions for prayer and Bible study before our first official worship service. During this time, official documents were filed with the State of Ohio. Officers were appointed and we were off and running.

The objectives and goals of BCFC are to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching. Seek to evangelize the un-churched, build up and strengthen the body of Christ, enlist persons in various ministries of caring and sharing the love of Christ, and fellowship with one another and those in the community and beyond.

Our name indicates that we Believers in Jesus Christ. This church believes God and trusts that all things are possible if you believe. We also seek to be an example of a church who exemplifies the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We seek to minister to the entire family: children, youth and adults so feel free to join us each and every Sunday and Wednesday to praise the Lord our savior Jesus Christ. Do not forget, Church School starts at 8:45 am which is followed by Sunday service at 9:30 am. Also if you are in the area each and every Wednesday we host Bible Study and Prayer from 6pm to 8pm. We pray the lord will put the desire in your heart and curiosity in your mind to stop on by and meet our loving and friendly Christian family. Hope to see you soon!



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